About us

Flutterby.pk was founded with a vision to empower women around the world to express themselves freely through fashion. The brand pushes the boundaries of modern footwear and accessories by constantly reinventing fashion with its curated collections. Since the company’s establishment in 2008, the brand has expanded its reach beyond brick-and-mortar stores by offering online shopping on its website. Its stylish and trend-focused designs are now available in Asia and Europe. Flutterby.pk - Stylish and fashionable designs that blend beautiful materials and detail with in-house design to create the distinctive Flutterby.pk signature, season after season. With an exceptional array of styles, the Flutterby.pk brand is sophisticated and stylish, aspirational and unique and there really is something for everyone and for every occasion. From killer heels to chic everyday ballerina flats, statement boots and the perfect court shoe that will take you from day to night in effortless style, Flutterby.pk provides the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.


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